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 Posting Interviews & Articles

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PostSubject: Posting Interviews & Articles   Thu Jun 07, 2012 2:24 am

Original post by Luin:

So here are some rules. I've spoke about them with Caranaraf and until she can post them into the rules, you get them here:


Please read the interview, before posting it somewhere. If it belongs in the majority to a film, post it there. If it belongs to Mads life or his way to act, then use the new interview thread (until we have hopefully some more of them, to sort such interviews.)

When you decided, where to post it, do it this way:

1. Put the whole interview into quotationtags!
2. Accentuate the interview:
  • heading bold
  • author & date italic
  • questions bold
  • if there are no questions: answers italic
Do not post the whole interview italic!!! That's hard to read!
3. Use blank lines between the questions and answers!
4. Note the source at the end of the interview: Source:
[url=http://...]Name of the Newspaper/Internetsite [/url]

If you are really good, then copy the interview in the language, in which you've found it. Because the google translator isn't that good often, and we have got here (or maybe will have) some users, who speak more than their own mother tongue. So they maybe translate it better for all of us. (And articles/interviews were delete sometimes in the internet, so we don't have the original text then.)


Please copy the whole article from the internet site and do not only post the link!

Do it similar to the interviews: Accentuate the article, if it's possible (headline, author) and use blank lines for better reading!

I know, you've done wonderful work to find some news for us, but it would be very fine, if you give it to us the best way you can do it, which means: the best way, that everybody can read it as comfortable as possible. It's just a service from everybody to everybody. Thank you.

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Posting Interviews & Articles
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